Thursday, 28 February 2013

More boats.....

Not sure where this week has gone...........more small fishermens boats

Canson Aquarelle paper 15 x 24cm


  1. These boat paintings are exquisite! The delicacy of the boats and their vulnerability sitting on the water like that, in stillness and peace, yet so aware that any slight breeze could set everything into motion again... somehow you captured that moment of calm on the water, but we still see that it is fluid and alive... it's breathtaking!

  2. You have the delicate touch!
    (ps I use moleskine watercolour sketchbooks & sometimes a little Venezia) Question on my blog;)

  3. This is very beautiful. Peaceful. Superb detail!

  4. gorgeous colors on the waters :) beautiful boats (my dad would love to have one of these)


Thanks for your comments everyone!