Monday, 28 January 2013


My brother-in-law visited last week. When he came back with this coconut I asked to draw it.
Then, after starting the outside, wished I'd never asked and abandoned it.
One week later I went back to it, finished the outside and then did the inside (which was more fun).
This is for you bro, sorry you left without eating it


  1. oh I love the insides....super job on both!!

  2. I hope it tasted that good - perhaps I should have brought it back with me...!

  3. Masterful! I don't know how you did it - all those hairs!I can understand why you put it away at first. You also seem to say that the open version is easy but all those whites! Like I said, masterful.

  4. Great inside and you've captured the textures of the husk perfectly. Hope it tasted good.

  5. I miss coconuts! :D I used to be the assigned person to get coconuts from the shops so that mom could cook with them. The drawings are amazing!


Thanks for your comments everyone!