Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn Leaves

We don't really get autumn/fall colours here and I miss them, but I found this big red leaf on the beach.....collected a few more along with a snail.

watercolour Canson  Aquarelle watercolour paper (140lbs) 24 x 32cm

To be honest I got a little un-inspired, maybe go back to it another time.
Had fun at the beginning sketching the fastest snail in the world (with an old biro), then he kindly went to sleep


  1. Love the zippy snail sketches.

    Great leaf - we don't get autumn and our winter is really just less hot than summer with occassional rain. :(

  2. Ooh, those leaves are so pretty! The colors are gentle, yet strong and earthy too. I like how my eye moves through the veins and lines. Very nicely done!

  3. You did a fabulous work with these leaves !

  4. This sure doesn't look like you got un-inspired! Very pretty colours and cute timy snail surprise in it! Great snail sketches too.

  5. The leaves are gorgeous and the little snail inside is a delightful find! I love that. You always have an eye for composition, without being obvious... it's what makes your work sing!
    The curves in the snails are wonderful. I love seeing the shading you do as you trail along. I always learn from your work.
    Frankly, I could do without autumn. Yes- it's beautiful but it signals cold days to come. Sigh....


Thanks for your comments everyone!