Saturday, 19 May 2012

Everyday in May # 19 work in progress

A little bit of a cheating in progress.....oil on canvas. This is my second session on it.
It's based on the drawing I did here (on my first EDiM)   but the fun thing about oils is that the painting can start having a life of its own. (where did that urge to paint a wooden background come from, I wonder?)

There's a story behind the original painting. I finished it and went on my balcony, only to see my oldest cat being attacked by a dog (I think he thought she was a toy). She didn't survive but her health had been poor and maybe just couldn't get away in time. The dog owner was very upset as he had just run off. It was just her time.
You've seen a very quick sketch of her but here's an update of the acrylic painting that I'd forgotten about until today.


  1. Lovely work, and I'm sorry that the original drawing of the peppers has sad memories attached to it.


Thanks for your comments everyone!