Tuesday, 7 June 2011

japanese rice crackers

a quick rice cracker.....this has been in a packet sitting on my desk for a week or so .....had to  sketch it before I could eat it.
A sweet outside with savoury  inside.....


  1. Very nice all these paintings... They look tasty...
    very good paintings and drawings

  2. Gosh, looking at your latest blog posts makes me hungry! I admire your ability of conveying all sorts of texture so well! Are these done with colored pencils? Watercolor pencils??

  3. I don't remember seeing these the two years I lived in Japan. It looks like a crisp waffely ice cream cone type of texture. Hope it was still good when you finally got to eat it.

  4. What a good drawing, Debra.
    I agree with Evi: I admire your ability of conveying all sorts of texture :)

  5. Beautiful! As always.
    Debra, I've left blogger, but wanted to stop by and say thanks for your art friendship. All the best to you!
    Take care.
    PAMO of PAMO BLOG (now deleted).

  6. Grazie Graziano
    Gracias Anais
    Thanks Eva, good to see you back!
    Freebird, I'll check the name...I do prefer the savoury ones
    Pamo, I'll miss your blog. Wishing you good luck with your writing and cartoons. Please let me know if you get another one. all the best to you and Jeff, keep well

  7. P.S.
    Eva this is all paint, given up on coloured pencils


Thanks for your comments everyone!