Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Everyday in May # 17 potatoes

Potatoes...going to boil them in the skins now, add a few chopped up garlic chives, feta cheese and mayonnaise
Thanks for your comments everyone, the raclette is a type of cheese, sorry I didn't put it on the post! It is melted in the little pans, you can add mushrooms, potatoes etc.


  1. Love your potatoes! We so often see lemons or other fruits, pretty colored veggies or flowers in still lifes but a painting of potatoes? Never! This is refreshing although I can see why they aren't always first choice.

  2. Even humble potatoes look good when you're doing them!

  3. I have been away from blogland for a bit, life got in the way but i am amazed at the quality and quantity of your work. How do you do it, please tell me you don't go to work and have no life. This work is fabulous, so much detail and some of them are just like photographs

  4. Thanks everyone
    Jill, I work most afternoons and you're right I have no life -particularly in May !


Thanks for your comments everyone!