Monday, 11 April 2011

Bag of eggs

Thanks for your kind comments everyone. 

Here's a quick sketch in answer to Carol King's question about the previous post

Carol  asked " Why are they in a Camembert box? Are you sending them to me? And what happened to the broken egg on the table?" so here's the thinking behind it.

Last week, we bought some eggs from a local shop and they came in a bag full of husks(?) for protection (sketch above). I did think about sketching them then decided it would be crazy.
I  later saw some quail's eggs in H.K. and decided to draw them instead.

The Camembert box was a perfect nest along with the husks but I just drew the detail...then I zoomed out but decided it was not quite complete so, cracked (they seem to squash rather than crack)  one of the broken eggs......finding it's not a good idea to do this on paper as it absorbs in about 5 minutes (but helps with fast sketching skills).

I haven't cooked them yet but would probably boil them...frying something so small would be a nightmare.

I could send them to you Carol but as three broke when I carried them carefully home this may not be a good idea!

My most delicious experience with quails eggs was in Mae Sot in Thailand where they sold them as a snack covered in soy sauce. 
Unfortunately, I hadn't just eaten the Camembert but had been saving the box.


  1. It always amazes me how you flush out even the smallest details. The folds in the plastic bag are wonderful and I love seeing the eggs just peeking through. Excellent!

  2. Your sketches are fantastic and such a nice way for us to glimpse into daily life in Hong Kong.

  3. It is funny using google reader because I read your answer, with fab bag sketches, before I saw the drawing of eggs in Camembert box, which is quite amazing for its details.

  4. I LOVE the story behind this. You made me laugh. This drawing is so stunning, that I just had to leave your flickr photostream, and come immediately to your blog, to let you know. It's absolutely gorgeous. The detail, the colors, everything. Bravo, you talented thing, you!

  5. These are beautiful drawings, and the ones below. I loved the story that goes with your quail eggs. I have never seen quail eggs in real life but the do look lovely here.

  6. Debra! Excellent answers to my questions. Thank you. I love your bag of eggs. Your drawing is so delicate and I love the folds of the bag.

    I don't think I've ever had a quail egg. I guess I didn't realize they were so small.

  7. Beautiful work on the gloss of the bag... masterful use of negative space ^^

  8. I think everyone has already said it, these are fantastic and make a great collection along with the previous egg pictures

  9. Absolutely fabulous and somehow I had missed your Quail eggs post so this was very interesting too!


Thanks for your comments everyone!