Sunday, 13 February 2011


Haven't had any time for sketching this's a 20 minute sketch of sushi in my lunchbreak
My mouth was watering so much!
Drawn on the kids art paper and using their coloured pencils which didn't have the right colours

the sushi at the back is inari sushi (soy bean sheet with rice inside) and the front one is a mixed sushi.
Here's the same image with a little paint added......

I'm pulling the winner of the draw out of the hat later today...when I've drawn the hat!


  1. lovely ! It's amazing what you can do with any pens, pencil or ink. But adding the paint does add a certain glow to it.

  2. fabulous drawings and well done to Alex, thanks for showing his blog. Sorry I haven't been around for a bit, just been busy,missed a few of my favourite blogs recently.

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  4. A fantastic sketch for 20 minutes, I've never eaten Sushi so I'll take your word that it makes your mouth water!

  5. Wow! 20 minutes sketch with limited tools(already with such details), and of course the final touch up is super gorgeous!
    I love inari as well, and your japanese writing is pretty(I think you're writing Inari Sushi right? I could be wrong)

  6. Wow! Sushi! Looks tasty!
    I really enjoyed seen your sketches in your blog.

  7. This makes me so hungry because it's so enticing! Yummy! I did notice that there is a heart in the middle of the sushi, which is a great touch!

  8. I love sushi, california rolls with avocado are my fave, but I like most of it. Didn't think I'd like it, but now I'm hooked on it.

    I like both drawings...

  9. It is simply amazing what you did in 20 minutes with limited tools! The addition of a bit of paint made it stunning!


Thanks for your comments everyone!