Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Arthouse Sketchbook Project Page 24

My friend and neighbour Makha Diop from Senegal.

Another big learning curve, when this project's over I want to tackle people on a larger scale.

I'm finding it hard to get the faces right at this size!
One minute they look O.K. and then one wrong tiny mark changes the whole thing!!! I think when you know a person it's harder. I may go back but still quite  few more pages to go.


  1. A great drawing Debra, I know what you mean about faces. I'm much more comfortable drawing objects and landscapes, that's why I chose my faces theme...just to make me try harder!

  2. Thats a challenging angle, the way he's holding his head! I think you did a lovely job on this - it really captures his enjoyment in playing the djembe.

  3. Djembe looks like a lovely man, how lucky you are to have all these things where you live. Its lovely getting near the end of this project, I have so many ideas for what to do next.

  4. I know what you mean about people's faces - a single line can change all, but your work is above this. Your lovely capture of the joy and the creases on the jeans are excellent.

  5. I think you have done a great job; you have captured his enjoyment, the movement, and the portrait looks good too.

    Good luck with finishing the sketchbook, you are almost there!

  6. These are all so wonderful and fun to look at! I like the man with the drum the best! Your sketchbook is going to be such a treasure! I'm going to try to go see the whole Sketchbook Project exhibit when it comes to Chicago. (about 6 hours from where I live)


Thanks for your comments everyone!