Thursday, 2 September 2010

Arthouse Sketchbook Project page 5

OK, enough tea for now.....


  1. Just wonderful! I'm impressed at your sense of getting into details without overdoing it ! Beautiful lines and colours ! Yes, please I'd love a refill !

  2. I'm so enamored of your work. I love the clean lines, the detail, and your use of colors. Each one is a gem! nancy

  3. I absolutely love your work. As Martine said beautiful details with out being overdone. I sit wondering what to draw and am so inspired by your drawing of everything around you.

  4. Beautiful. I would so love to see this sketchbook in person!!

  5. Oh yeah, I know this custom =)
    And man I miss those teapots...I mean I grew up with them, and they are really not all that special. But when I am away from them, I really do miss them.
    Awesome drawing!


Thanks for your comments everyone!