Sunday, 15 August 2010

EDM 282 - Something you've been putting off doing, or don't want to do

Should be using these not drawing them.........maybe I'll put them on after adding a little bit of paint.


  1. So well drawn and perfect for the EDM and much more fun than washing up etc!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your sketchbook pages, what theme have you chosen?

  2. As Cathy said, very well drawn. I just hope the pile of washing up isn't too high.

  3. Thanks Cathy and's not the washing up (get my man to do that) more the heavier cleaning like the bathroom and floors...when I finish the summer course it'll be easier.
    Cathy, I've chosen If you lived here....a bit of an obvious theme for me and I do wonder if I could have challenged myself more with a different theme but maybe next year

  4. I'm with Cathy! Definitely look forward to seeing your sketchbook, especially with the topic you've chosen. These gloves are great! Much better to draw them than wear them!


Thanks for your comments everyone!