Sunday, 29 August 2010

Arthouse Sketchbook Project page 3

More dim sum, want to add the chinese at some point.
This was done on the thin paper

and you'd  know that.......


  1. What a wonderful sketchbook you are making. People will love looking at it!

  2. Your pictures look so mouth-watering! I admire your skill so much.
    You're using watercolor, right? Does the paper take it that well? Or do you only use a very small amount of water? Do you draw on every or every second page? Just wondering because I'm trying to figure out this flimsy paper myself...

  3. The colors you used are just right and the design is so well done !

  4. Thanks everyone!going to get off the food soon (well until sketchbook lunchtime anyway)
    Ep*i...I'm using watercolour but with little're right the paper is so flimsy. I've noticed that if I've stuck a piece in, then using other side (that is flimsy stuck down)it starts to come apart with too much water.


Thanks for your comments everyone!