Sunday, 29 August 2010

Arthouse Sketchbook Project page 1 and 2

Thank you everyone for your is page 1 and 2/3...still work in progress......

the first page I stuck down with wood glue and it went very soggy, but gave me a chance to play. Page three is drawn on the paper and doesn't show through too much to the other side.
Since this I've used spray mount at the suggestion of
This wonderful blog has lots of tests on the paper. Thanks for all the research Makenart!


  1. your pages are looking lovely - I particularly like the combination of loosely applied colour against the finely wrought drawings on p2 & 3.

    The colours are beautiful too!

  2. I think your book is going to so good if this is the start!
    Yes spraymount is ideal for sticking paper in, what sort of paper are you using?
    p.s you're making me hungry with this food!

  3. Thanks for the mention.

    I'm loving your pages so far!

    (Maken Art)

  4. Thanks !
    Cathy, I started using 140lb watercolour paper (because I only had that) but think I'll go for a lighter version next time I stick some in

  5. I love how the composition of your pages and your painting techniques.

  6. Great pages! They look like illustrations for a cooking book.


Thanks for your comments everyone!