Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Every Day in May # 5

Number four...just a little sketch today, been rubbing this on my bad back....

This one's for Flora, Thank-you!


  1. Wonderful drawing. Hope the Tiger balm is helping!

  2. This is a lovely drawing of a very interesting container! Hope it made your back feel better! nancy

  3. Great stuff tiger balm - and a lovely drawing too.

  4. Tiger Balm!!!! Hahahaha, one of the magical stuff that comes from Singapore. I really need some of these for my wrist -_- pssstt...don't tell anyone that it's still bad. Love the art work!

  5. Thanks everyone, I actually went to a manual therapist to get my back clicked back into place and am now working on good posture...
    Alex, get it checked out, it could start your back


Thanks for your comments everyone!