Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Sunday on Lamma

The local Kung Fu School came round the village on Sunday, lots of colour, energy, big noises and lucky lettuce.


Sweeping up the firecrackers. 

I do have a video of this but not sure which is the best program to use to edit it, any suggestions?


  1. Beautiful detailed drawings. Really love looking at your work!

  2. Wow. Beautiful sketches! I especially like the last one with the touches of red...

  3. Just beautiful work! The accents of rich red against the graphite works so well!

    Off to look at all your other gorgeous pieces...



  4. Thanks a lot everyone, writing this quickly from work as we're having pc problems at home!

  5. Lovely pictures as ever! I especially like the one of the man sweeping, very nice!!

  6. I really like the theme which totally goes in line with the Chinese New Year's theme. The man sweeping the floor with red papers remnants of fire crackers for the nights or days before is so emotional and beautiful. The lion-dance figure is awesome too!

  7. Thanks Lesley, I'm trying to pull my focus away from too much detail, not that it's working.
    Thanks Alex, I'll try and edit the video and put it up for you..if you're missing CNY you'll enjoy it for the noise (not that its very tuneful but I'm guessing you know that already)


Thanks for your comments everyone!