Friday, 26 February 2010

EDM 178 Draw something Red

My favourite flip-flops, not sure it's finished but need a
 break from drawing red things......


  1. Great job! And amazing how you were able to maintain the highlights on all those tiny beads!

  2. Cool shoes and a great drawing. Looks like an ad in a lady's magazine!

  3. I still love the red themed drawings! I think it's somewhat becoming part of your signature now.
    Beautifully done this one! Liking the details so much.
    I am sorry my blog was confusing you a little. I am glad that's sorted out now. Thanks for your comments and support.

  4. Pretty flip-flops. Love the colored and graphite contrasts.

  5. Thanks for the support and kind comments everyone.

    Alex, I think blogspot was having a bad moment, I went back later and had no problem.

  6. Debra,

    Love the flip flops and think the touch of red is a great addition. And as Alex said, it appears to be part of your signature.

    Glad you got the blip on Alex's blog to go away. Thanks for the follow-up email.



Thanks for your comments everyone!